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why we love banana blue Donegal yarn knitwear?

it starts with happy sheep.

Banana blue's collection of Donegal yarn is created with RWS merino wool. RWS stands for "Responsible wool standard" which is a certified standard which ensures the health, safety, care and happiness of our woollie friends sharing their coats with us. RWS maintains that the FIVE FREEDOMS are met at all times during the sheeps life which results in not just only protected sheep but also high quality, luxurious yarn. what are the Five Freedoms:

1: Freedom from hunger and thirst. 2: Freedom Pain, injury, and or Disease. 3: Freedom to express normal behavior.

4: Freedom from Discomfort.

5: Freedom from fear and distress.

to shop the beautiful collection from banana blue click the link below, or pop into our store.

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